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Internal Fire Door Installers

Finch Group Ltd are a leading specialist fire door and fire shutter installation and repair company based in Bolton; we cover Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Preston & the Rest of the North-West!

Our number one priority is ensuring your premises are safe and secure from fire. Having the correct fire doors, fire shutters, or fire curtains can not only help protect staff and personnel, but it can also help slow down the spread of fire, which could be the difference between saving premises from ruin.

Whether you require fire door installation, servicing to your fire doors or emergency repairs, our team is available 24/7 for emergency situations.

Following the 2005 Regulatory Reform for Fire Safety, commercial property owners are now required to ensure that fire doors are fitted throughout the full premises.

Fire doors are essential in limiting the spread of fire and smoke throughout buildings, not only to try to protect the buildings from damage but also to give extra time for occupants to escape buildings before any fatalities occur.

A fire door should be fully certified to ensure they protect a building and its occupants, with certified doors being able to hold fire and smoke for 30 minutes or more.

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Types of Fire Doors

There are several different types of fire doors available, with each having their own use and benefits. When owning a business or commercial property it’s essential to ensure the correct fire safety procedures are followed. 

Wooden Fire Doors

The most popular type of fire doors for the interior of a property are wooden fire doors. These doors have a solid core which is usually made from timber, flax board, magboard or particleboard. 

The core of the door can be built in multiple different ways, with the importance being on it meeting fire regulations. 

Steel Fire Doors

Steel fire doors are made to provide extra protection against the spread of fire and smoke. Compared to wooden fire doors, which offer 30-60 minutes of protection, steel fire doors can offer up to 4 hours’ worth of protection against fire.

Steel Fire Doors favour locations that may require extra security.

Glass Fire Doors

Glass fire doors are not as popular as wooden or steel fire doors. They are typically used in open office spaces as they are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional fire doors. 

All pyropanel fire doors must use fire-rated glass. Traditional glass can withstand temperatures of up to 120°c whereas fire-rated glass can withstand up to 600°c+. 

Fire Door Protection Ratings

Fire doors have different levels of protective ratings. Typically FD30 Rated doors are used due to their durability & standards.  

An FD30 rated fire door will provide a minimum of 30 minutes of protection against the spread of fire. There are higher-rated doors, including FD60, FD90 & FD120. These doors are less common but are typically used between building separations in places such as office blocks, retail buildings & hospitals etc. 

FD30 Fire Rated Doors

An FD30 rated fire door will provide you with a minimum of 30 minutes of protection against fire. 

FD60 Fire Rated Doors

An FD60 rated fire door will provide you with a minimum of 60 minutes of protection against fire. 

FD90 Fire Rated Doors

An FD90 rated fire door will provide you with a minimum of 90 minutes of protection against fire. 

FD120 Fire Rated Doors

An FD120 rated fire door will provide you with a minimum of 120 minutes of protection against fire. 

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What Are The Advantages Of Fire Doors?

Fire doors are an essential feature that every building should have in order for it to be seen as safe and help to prevent the spread of fires. The benefits of fire doors are:

One of the most obvious advantages of a fire door is the protection against fire. The door acts as a barrier that prevents the fire from spreading quickly. The damage a fire can cause is reduced and the safety of those inside the building is increased.

Fire doors are also pivotal in controlling the smoke of a fire and where it can spread to. The doors usually come with smoke seals and gaskets around the edges. This helps restrict the movement of smoke from one area to another. This safety feature is essential as smoke can cause significant harm and become a huge risk to people’s safety.

Fire doors serve as a crucial form of escape should a fire break out. The exit route is clear and the occupants of the building can evacuate to safety therefore reducing the risk of injury. They are quick and easy often opened by a push barrier to avoid the need for keys or complex locks with codes.

In many areas of the world, fire doors are a legal requirement in commercial and public buildings. The building regulations will have to be met to make sure that fire safety measures are in place. This can reduce the risk of fire-related injury to the occupants as well as help protect the overall building.

Installing fire doors can benefit your insurance. Reduced premiums are a potential advantage due to fire safety regulations being met.

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