Upgraded Lifting Springs & Cables

Two new lifting springs & cables supplied and installed for DAMS furniture in Knowsley

At Finch Group, we recently upgraded DAMS Furniture’s shutter system in Knowsley with two new lifting springs and cables. This enhancement ensures smoother and more reliable shutter operation.

The Importance of Upgraded Components

Lifting springs and cables are vital for seamless shutter movement. Over time, wear and tear can compromise their effectiveness, leading to operational issues. By installing new components, we aimed to restore functionality and reliability.

Efficient Installation

Our skilled technicians meticulously replaced the old components with the new ones, adhering to industry standards. Rigorous testing validated the system’s smooth operation post-installation.

Results and Benefits

The upgraded system at DAMS Furniture now boasts improved efficiency and reliability. Smooth shutter movement enhances workflow and productivity while minimising downtime and repair costs.

Finch Group is committed to delivering tailored solutions for our clients’ needs. If your business requires shutter system upgrades or repairs, contact us for reliable and efficient service. Call Us: 01204 460 962, or email [email protected].

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