Access Control Systems

Perfect to protect your business or home from unwanted access. Can be used for internal or external access. 

Access Control - Digital & Coded Access Control

We can help you protect your home or business against unwanted movement of personnel or vehicles. An access control system allows you to control who has access to specific parts of your home or business. Whether you want a telecoms control system installed on the front gate of your property, want key fob control for you automatic driveway gates or want to protect your businesses stock with a coded or ID access control system.

Key Fob & ID Entry Systems

Our Access Control Systems are designed to allow controlled levels of access to your building. Simply put, this provides an additional layer of security for your property. We offer several access control systems to choose from to use in your home or commercial property

Access Control
Car Park Automatic Entry System For Building Acc

Automatic door opening

Automatic doors deliver a way of opening and closing doors without the need for physical effort. They also allow for easy wheelchair or disabled access.

Pizza Delivery Girl Carrying Pizza Boxes Using The Intercom At D

Intercom systems

Visitors can be identified before allowing entry which gives added security. In commercial premises, an intercom system can improve internal communications between different areas.

Door Fob Key Access

toggle entry systems

With the Paxton system, electronic tokens and cards are issued to allow access through controlled doors and are easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen or not returned.

Access Control

Keypad Entry Systems

Digital keypad entry systems can be used for a variety of door entry access control solutions – whether it be for access to a block of flats, business, office or more.