Fire & Smoke Curtains

Finch Group provides fire curtain & smoke curtain supply & installations throughout the North-West.

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Fire Curtain Installations

Fire curtains are textile curtain that has been designed to prevent the spread of fire throughout buildings & escape routes.

Our fire curtains have been designed to prevent the spread of fire & smoke for up to 4 hours, allowing personnel to safely leave the premises and reduce the risk of excessive fire damage to property.

They are lightweight, concealable & unobtrusive, making them the perfect solution to install in public buildings, warehouses, offices or homes.

All of our fire curtains are made to order and can be used for industrial, commercial, and even residential premises, and with ongoing changes to fire safety & fire regulations, the installation of fire curtains is a great way to ensure the safety of personnel and property.

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Smoke Curtains & Smoke Protection

According to Gov.UK the most common cause of fire-related death ( where the cause of death is known) between 2019-2020 was “overcome by gas or smoke” at a rate of 33%; this has been constant throughout online records.

Protecting against the spread of smoke is just as important as preventing the spread of fire; that’s why smoke curtains are paramount if you wish to correctly protect a premises & its occupants.

Often found in high ceilings & atriums, smoke curtains are strategically installed to trap smoke and stop it from flowing into escape routes.
This allows people to safely exit premises, reducing smoke inhalation, which improves the likelihood of safe exit.

Our experienced and professional team supply & install smoke curtains & fire curtains for industrial, commercial & residential clients throughout the United Kingdom.

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