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We specialise in the repair and installation of a range of security doors including Hi-Speed Doors, Bi-Fold Doors, Roller Shutters and more. 

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Secure your property or business with security doors!

Finch Group Ltd are a leading specialist security door installation and repair company based in Bolton, we cover Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Preston & the Rest of the North-West! 

Security Door Installation & Repairs

Our range of security doors helps deter theft and vandalism, increase the saleability of your property and possibly lower your insurance premium (check with individual insurers). Our products are CE marked, which is a legal requirement for any type of door sold in the UK/Europe. Finch Group Ltd supplies a range of specialist and security doors, including

Finch Group - Security Roller Shutters
Security Roller Shutters

Steel Security Doors

Our steel security doors are made to meet all required specifications and incorporate a multi-point locking system which locks 12 points around the steel frame. Like all our products our steel security doors in Bolton come CE marked which is a legal requirement for any type of door sold in the UK/Europe. Our single doors are available in either a standard or heavy-duty version. Available in a double locking version, manufactured to the heavy-duty specification.

Emergency Exit and Fire Exit Doors

Available as single or double emergency exit doors, to suit openings 700mm -2 m wide. All fire escape doors are pre-fitted with Exidor push bars with a range of optional outside access devices. Choose our fire exit doors to increase your business fire safety measures and comply with current fire regulations.

High-Speed Doors

Designed for high traffic flows, low-cost maintenance and trouble-free operation. High-speed doors are designed to ‘give’ and reset so they continue to operate effectively should an accident occur, ensuring your repair bill is kept to a minimum. Our high-speed doors can be tailored to meet your demands and size requirements.

Bi-Fold Security Doors

Allowing for full opening and closure along the entire threshold, bi-fold doors offer increased access to external and internal areas than any other door style. They can also be designed to have extremely low-level thresholds, allowing for easy access exit and entry. Superior running systems allow the doors to smoothly slide and fold.

Garage Security Doors

We manufacture a wide range of garage doors, available in a huge selection of colours. From roller doors to sectional garage doors-A sectional garage door is lightweight and opens vertically like a standard garage door. You will gain extra opening space compared to a standard door. Our garage doors are durable and secure.

Insulated Doors

Our insulated doors are foam filled for added acoustic and thermal protection. Which can help reduce your bills. The doors are made from steel and powder coated in your choice of colour. This range is perfect for any sector or business setting. We manufacture insulated roller shutters, sectional doors, garage doors and more.

Security Roller Shutters

What Are The Advantages Of Security Doors?

Security doors offer a multitude of advantages for any building whether it be commercial or public. It protects the occupants from unauthorised access. Some of the advantages include:

Enhanced Protection – Security doors offer a higher level of protection against break-ins, burglary, and other potential threats. Their robust nature helps to reduce these threats to your property and the occupants inside.  

Deterrent Effect – The sheer presence of security doors can act as a deterrent to potential intruders. Their appearance alone can send a clear message that the building is protected. This can discourage criminals.

Increased Privacy – Security doors come with a whole host of features that can add to the security options. Frosted glass panels limit the visibility from the outside whilst allowing natural light to shine through. This is ideal for a building where privacy is a priority.

Resistance to Physical Damage – The doors we install at Finch Group are built to withstand physical damage and extreme force. Whether someone attempts to cut, drill, or any other form of forced entry, the door will remain intact and functional.

Durability and Longevity – High-quality materials are used when making the security doors, the materials are durable and long-lasting. They are built to withstand forced entry, harsh weather conditions along with many other forces without the structural integrity being compromised.

Customisable Options – Security doors can come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. They can easily be personalised to your unique style. The design, colours, finishes, and patterns are endless to complement your business and building.

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